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Lightning Red and Thunder Blues
Lightning Red and Thunder Blues
Smokin' Texas blues from a soul-searing, barn-burnin' band...combining Chicago and Texas styles into a "Texicago Jive" guaranteed to make you boogie your backbone.

                    - Chicago B.L.U.E.S. New York, NY

Tortured Mind CD - Lightning Red & Thunder Blues
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Lightning Red

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Swindon, England

Red and the boys launched straight out in to their set - a mix of styles which they call "Texicago" due to Red's roots being born in Chicago but having moved to Austin, Texas and influenced by both genres of blues. Red is tall with an impressive persona, stage presence, guitar style and despite his larger than life disposition, a modest meliferous voice for the greater part of the songs. But when called upon to get growly he does so with a vengeance!

His praises have been written by greater pens than mine and by prestigious Blues magazines and noteworthy music critics of the top notch American press so I will spare you any further repetitious eulogy on this fine gentleman.

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Terry Robbins

Every cookin' Texas Blues band needs a rock-solid Bass Player, and for over two years Terry Robbins has been the backbone for the "Thunder Blues" rhythm section. With a stellar performance on their new release Tortured MIND and over 25 years of experience performing as a Bassist and Vocalist throughout the Midwestern USA, Red is proud to call this fine musician and vocalist his "right-hand man."

Having grown up and played with such artists as Martin Zellar (seen on David Letterman, Conan O'brien) founder of The Gear Daddies, the legendary Lamont Cranston Blues Band, The Hoopsnakes featuring Bruce McCabe, (keyboardist/songwriter for Johnny Lang and Kenny Wayne Sheppard), this versatile bassman has a rich musical heritage.

Coy "Boy" Fuller

When the songs on their latest Angelwing Records release were being chosen, Red and producer Gray Gregson made sure to include the tunes that feature Drummer Coy "Boy" Fuller Hailing from the fertile "Golden Triangle" region of Texas and having toured the world with the Grass Roots, Scott McGill and Rusty Weir, this talented, energetic drummer and true gentleman is the heartbeat of Lightning Red & Thunder Blues.

He's shared the stage with countless legends including Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Delbert McClinton, Johnny and Edgar Winter, ZZ Top, & Eric Johnson.

Lightning Red says, "Coy is amazing. He's a fantastic musician and a pleasure to work with. I feel extremely fortunate that we've joined forces."

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