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Wayne "Lightning Red" Bak Passes Away at 67
Friend and Musician Dedicated To The Blues
May 6,, 1949 – July 6, 2016
Lightning Red (Wayne Bak) musical artist died July 6th at the age of 67 of heart problems and prostate cancer.
He was a blues artist who performed nationally and internationally touring England, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Scandinavia, Croatia, Germany, Holland, and Australia. He played electric guitar, was a song writer, sang and fronted his own band for 50 years.
He recorded 8 albums of original music. His entire life was shaped by an insatiable passion for the blues. It’s all he ever played. He is considered a great blues artist by many across the world.
Red and his wife came to Austin in 1977 from the Chicago area. After living out-of-state for 8 years, they returned back home to Austin in December 2015.
He is survived by his wife of 42 years, Deborah Vanko, a sister, Janice Brennan of Illinois, a sister Joan Bakalar and her daughter, Stacey of New Zealand.

Please direct all condolences, and other correspondence to Deborah Vanko, beloved wife of Wayne.

All Correspondence To:

Deborah Vanko
James Hunter “Jim” Yanaway
June 18, 1951 – March 13, 2016
Jim was a close friend of mine. I met him through a friend in
the late seventies. We last spoke about five weeks ago when he
was visiting his 105 year old mother in Ft. Worth.
He wanted to visit our new home in Austin, and promised to come by soon.
Several phone calls in the last few weeks went unanswered,
and I was getting concerned…
Finding out the news today has left me in shock!
The last time I saw Jim (or “YANAWAY” as we all called him) was
in Monterey, California in the spring of last year.
He was driving through from his new home on the Columbia River
in Washington, on his way back to Austin, and we had a great visit.
Soon afterward, my 8 year battle with cancer took a turn for the worse,
and I headed back to Des Moines where my wife was living.
Yanaway and I spoke often in the latter half of ‘15 and he
lamented the fact that looking after his mother required an increasing
amount of time in Ft. Worth, preventing him from getting back to the west coast.
I will miss him IMMENSLY!!! He could tell music biz stories that
had me rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off.
During my hiatus away from Austin, I’d visit a few times a year,
and we always got together.
Yanaway was a great help to me when pursuing music opportunities in Europe,
and he has MANY friends and business connections there.
I now regret not having interviewed him for my new book about
Texas Music History (as I and many of my long time legendary Texan
friends have experienced it).
I’ve heard word of a Celebration of His Life to be held at C-Boy’s,
possibly on June 18th, and it should be quite an event…
R.I.P. my good friend.

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I want to thank the audience in KC the other night.
Told ya'll it was going to be fun!
...thanks Willie...lookin forward to playin Kansas City again.
"No matter how corrupt, greedy, and heartless our government,
our corporations, our media, and our religious & charitable institutions
may become, the music will still be wonderful."
-- Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without a Country
Listen to the new single here
Madison County Winery
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International BLUES FAMILY CD Featured in Sweden
Internationell festivalblues för internationella bluesfestivaler
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International BLUES FAMILY
Thunder Blues - live shows creating a buzz:
phone (515) 953-8086    email    website    facebook
Barry Norgaard now handling Red's regional booking activities... ,
Tom Wegner is still on drums, Emeal Myles is on bass (with
assistance from Jeff Daniels on B3/keys and guitarist
Keith Petrosky) and Brad Campbell remains a great friend.
South Skunk Blues Soc BBQ Cookoff
Proud to have Chicago's own
Emeal Myles on bass -
Studio sessions in the works
Red in Monterey
Red performs the Monterey Bay Blues Fest.
June 24...other area performances TBA
THUNDER BLUES is creating a buzz in the midwest USA
Many thanks to Isabelle Fagotat for this wonderful movie...
new friends in paris
Paris was Great!    Many thanks to all our new fans
for your hospitality, photos...and LOUD APPLAUSE!

Special Treat in Des Moines
The house was packed &
Effie Burt tore it up!

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Jamming in Paris, France
bonjour everyone,
The festivals were great!
...having a cool time in Paris...
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production on songs featuring
amazing vocalist
Effie Burt
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LZ Love & Lightning Red
festival performance seen on
national French tv - TF1
Blues Alive! Cuijk, Netherlands
LZ Love & Lightning Red
March/April 2012 European Festivals
interviews & performances in Paris
performance calendar
Blues Autour Du Zinc Festival
Beauvais, France
Blues Alive Cuijk
Cuijk, Netherlands
European Promotion of
International BLUES FAMILY
Reviews & Radio Airplay
  from all over...
The shuffles and grooves from the guitar of Lightning Red
and his raw way of singing the blues, combined with the
moving gospel and blues vocals from LZ Love and the joyous
harp playing of Sonnyboy are creating a unique ‘Blues Family’-sound.
You’d better be there in 2012 when they are coming back to perform several shows in Europe.
– Rootstime  BELGIUM
...Loved it, especially the acoustic tracks at the end – Blues performances hardly get better!
- Home Of Rock  GERMANY
...a packed CD with room for diverse styles. This talented band throws itself behind the core duo
doing blues, soul, funk and rock. Most songsfeel vibrant and spontaneous, and a nice live feel is always
there. This CD is hot. Variation is there in many ways, especially in the striking vocal microphone
rotation of Lightnin' Red and LZ Love. Very original .
- Noje & Kultur Magazine  SWEDEN
Noje & Kultur Magazine
...With LZ Love on vocals on this release, it is a nice blues moment.
- Keys & Chords  BELGIUM
...Quality stuff!  . (Points: 7.7 out of 10)
...along with the fine artists LZ Love and Lightnin' Red, this quintet has a good,
stable blues swing. Good vocal work and skilled musicians.
We approve the entire fifteen tracks [on this CD].
- IKON Magazine  SWEDEN
IKON Magazine, Sweden
...I placed the cd in its drawer, jumped around from song to song, and was caught by the
fat sound and variety of this particular group. I was caught by the atmosphere, by the
sound quality and by the natural effort of the musicians.
I had never before heard of this group, but this is of high quality. Very high class!
- Blues Magazine   NETHERLANDS
Blues Magazine, Netherlands
Recorded in live in Germany, Croatia and the US, this fifteen track album is
certainly something to seek out for those of you who love some good blues music
- BillyBop   BELGIUM
BillyBop, Belgium
international Blues Family - CD reviews
international Blues Family - CD
Video CHANGE IS GONNA COME getting raves...
(LZ Love & Lightning Red)
2012 Lightning Red Australia Tour in the works
from Red
"It'll be great to see all my
Australian and Kiwi friends again."
Red makes a special concert appearance in the midwest!
March 11 - 10:00p until 10:45
CLUB 504
504 E. Locust
Des Moines, IA 50309
note: CAPACITY 1000
"The 504 was built specifically for your listening enjoyment
with an outstanding stage along with a superb sound and
light system, and our club is without a doubt the best place
to hear live music in the greater Des Moines area."
Arena Cast interview March 2011
Concerts - January
Perth Blues Club
Charles Hotel
Perth, Australia

Concerts - February
Wellington Blues Club
Hotel Bristol
Wellington, New Zealand

Guest Appearance with Darren Watson
The Lido
Wellington, New Zealand

Private House Concert
with Steve Gainsford
Christchurch, New Zealand

Red heads back Downunder
the Groovemaster is now available on cdbaby.com
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