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Red's Links

Legendary Texan guitarist and singer…the master himself
                                                        - Folk World, UK
Lightning Red, the legendary guitarist
                                                        - Blues Magazine, Netherlands

Lightning Red is a blues legend...a master at the guitar!
Killer licks, ditto grooves and trademark vocals...
                                                       - Rootsville, Belgium

Great slide playing, creative songwriting, funky shuffles... awesome playing and talent!
                                                      - Rootstime, Belgium  

Killer licks, with killer slide, and trademarked vocals to match.
Red is yet another Texas treasure to discover.
                                                      - Hill Country Happenings, Texas
A master... guitar playing never fails to impress.
                                                      - Roger Gatchet  AustinSound.com

Lightning Red's smoky slide blues come well-seasoned
                                                      - Margaret Moser  Austin Chronicle

Mastery of the guitar...this is the REAL THING!
                                                 - Texas Blues Magazine   Houston, Texas

Passionate guitar and creative songwriting…
scintillating guitar riffs. Exceptional slide…
burning hot guitar and Texas style blues

                                       - Blues On Stage   www.mnblues.com
                                       Minneapolis, Minnesota

Simmers with real heat and passion…a sound that certainly will put him up there in the upper ranks of great players

                   - Delta Snake Blues News
                               San Jose, California

Demonstrated his guitar mastery with a series of scintillating solos…. an excellent evening's entertainment…a superb guitarist and a talented songwriter.

                                  - Lionel Ross Blueprint Magazine
                                         Warrington R&B Club, UK

Lightning Red's smoky slide blues come well-seasoned by his lengthy tenure as a guitarist and harp player...matchless acoustic style.

                                       - Austin Chronicle   Austin, Texas   2006

Someone to seek out if you love good blues music
                                                        - Billy Bop, Belgium

A natural guitar player…almost effortless…easily shifts from slide to finger picking.

                           - Blues Beat  Buffalo, NY
                                                         Western New York Blues Society

Breathes Texas on every note…sizzling fretboard…explosive… mighty fine slide.

                                  - Southwest Blues Magazine
                                  Dallas, Texas

They flock to see him and it is easy to see why…great slide playing…a tasty dose of Chicago shuffles and Texas-style boogie.

                                       - BluesRag  Baltimore, Maryland
                                       Baltimore Blues Society

A guitar slinger extraordinaire...classic blues licks played with stunning precision and feel... excellent guitar work and soulful singing.

                                       - Blue Monday   Internet Review

Lightning Red plays like lightning and thunder --
with style and grace

                                            - Cradle Magazine  Portland, Maine

Red is tall with an impressive persona, stage presence, guitar … when called upon to get growly he does so with a vengeance!

                                       - Strange Pleasures Magazine
                                       Swindon, England

Red is not your everyday professional ...offers an authentic slice of Texas... gritty shuffles and string-busting solos. His original songs are clever and contemporary.

                        - Sunday Telegram
                                                      Worcester, Massachusetts

Soundin' REAL good, Red! Would you sign your CD for me?

                                                 - Grammy Award Winner  Sugar Blue
                                                 Raleigh, North Carolina

Red, you're DYNAMITE on that guitar!   You're really tearing it up tonight.

                                            - Little Richard's Sax Man  Grady Gaines
                                  Houston, Texas

Red, you and your band sound great! We'll have you back real soon.

                                  - Patrick Tracey  Chicago B.L.U.E.S.
                                  New York, New York

Can a white boy play the blues? You bet! This man sure can...
East St.  Louis,  [from Red's Blues]  GOD this is great!

                                  - Kathleen Kern  KPFT Radio, Houston

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